Hi, I’m Andy Webster

I used to be overweight. On 3rd May 2013 I had my wake up, lose weight moment. I knew it was time to wake up, lose weight, and take control of my health and fitness. Over the next three months I lost 28 pounds and ran a 10k race in 1 hour.

I did not go on a diet.

Diets that stop you eating a particular food group or prevent you eating on certain days of the week are not for me. They are a short term fix for a long term problem. They are not sustainable. I wanted to change the way I ate for ever. My solution had to help me lose weight in the beginning and maintain a healthy weight going forward.

That was two years ago. Since then the weight has stayed off and this year I ran a half marathon.

I believe anyone can lose weight…

    …if they are ready, but there are two major hurdles preventing them:

  1. They are never taught how.
  2. They don’t believe they can.

It’s a little like learning to drive.

At first it looks so complicated you don’t think it is possible to coordinate your arms and legs, keep your eyes on the road, and steer the car. Then you take lessons, develop your skills and knowledge, put it all into practice enough times and hey presto… you are motoring along wondering what all the fuss was about.

Wake up, lose weight is…

…a simple, proven method for taking control of your weight, for good.

It will take time. Sometimes you will fall over along the way. You’ll need to set the right type of goals, create a plan, build small habits, and be persistant. Before that you will need to be ready to start.

Are you ready to wake up, lose weight?

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